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Tens of thousands rally against Netanyahu government in Jerusalem.
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Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in Jerusalem on Sunday against Benjamin Netanyahu's government and against exemptions granted to ultra-Orthodox Jewish men from military service, in scenes reminiscent of mass street protests last year.
Protest groups, including some that led the mass demonstrations that rocked Israel in 2023, organised the rally outside parliament, the Knesset, calling for a new election to replace the government.
The protesters also want a more equal share in the burden of army service that binds most Israelis.
Reports say the protest appeared to be the largest demonstration since Israel’s war on Gaza began.
Around 600 soldiers have been killed so far since the Hamas attack of October 7 and the ensuing war in Gaza, the military's highest casualty toll in years.
Netanyahu's cabinet has faced widespread criticism over the security failure of the Hamas attack on southern Israel in which 1,200 people were killed and more than 250 taken hostage to Gaza.

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